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Make a Difference   Writer and Speaker

Let’s get off our asses and make a difference in this world. “If it’s going to be it’s up to me” Yes, you’ll notice the influence of Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove California. As his follower for many years, I was inspired and touched by Robert... a man who you could instantly feel when he entered a room.

I have devoted 30 years to the development of innovative business solutions for clients. Now my focus is on tools and networking for positive change in the world. Through my several businesses and websites I have approached this ideal. In my writings you’ll discover ways for businesses to innovate and grow, attracting better people, with common values for improvement and contribution to social change, climate change, energy and food management.


My latest book “INOV8” can be downloaded as an ebook. click here. You’ll also be invited to participate as an inov8 evangelist, with access to the tools, tips and forum on our website www.inov8.com.au Stay tuned for the upcoming Saturday Workshop Series commencing first quarter 2010.

A New Way of Thinking

Your life is the fruit of your imagination… Russel Nouveau, brand architect with Nuvo Creative, has developed a thinking methodology to eclipse the inspirational works of DeBono, Robbins and others.

For too long I have been part of the problem.

The purpose of this website is to encourage proactive thinking and participation in solving the world problems, like climate change.

Use the skills of Nuvonics to clear up your own world so you too can contribute on a larger scale. Nuvonics will help you to:

  • Develop a power centre for constructive personal living
  • Shake off doubt
  • Develop rock solid certainty in uncertain situations
  • Cement a positive self image
  • Come up with answers whenever you need them
  • Tap into your own creative genius
  • Find your role and destiny in this world
  • Fuel the acceleration of your life for good
  • Get the things you want in life
  • Develop yourself
  • Be Happy!
I want you to be smarter and better able to innovate in your business, family and circle of influence. Through this empowerment process you will become committed to tackling some of the world issues that face us.... such as climate change, energy crisis, drought, world inequalities, terrorism, pollution, violence, crime, etc.
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