Russel Nouveau's Timeline

Events from most recent to earliest memories- for Russel Nouveau

1 April 2020
The birth of Learnwise
With John Hanby & Dolores Cummins, I start Learnwise Online Tutoring.
28 May 2012
Extended stay in Thailand

This trip was so different, 40 days and 40 nights without English speaking company. I was in a small village (200 people) near Buriram. The people farm and graze cattle. Favourite crops are rice, rubber and I was typically writing my book. Running for exercise- and the locals look at me as if to say ‘crazy westerner’.

18 June 2008
My first subdivision

The town planners told me it could not be done. But I persisted and created the subdivision of one into two lots in Bardon. In the end, it was not profitable, as I overspent on the renovation.

18 June 2000
Extended stay in New York

I was trying to make a go of it, and live in the US with Carmela and Jack. I must have walked 200 kilometres of NYC pavement, looking at all the businesses I could have worked with.

18 June 1998
My first Porsche

I saved up for this entry-level Porsche Boxster. H\I had way too many accidents in this car.

18 June 1997
My first hotel

I was wandering in Townsville and chanced upon an auction -in progress. I loved the look of the old heritage-listed bank of new South Wales, and ended up buying it. I thought it would make a nice office, but that was not to be. A newfound tenant converted it into a hotel, and it’s now called Flynns Irish Bar.

28 May 1992
Joined Mensa

Mensa’s not for me. I wanted to meet smart women, so once I became a member, I ended up meeting but ugly ones instead.

28 May 1991
Master of Business

After a break from study I returned to complete Graduated from Master of Business, Queensland Univerity of Technology.

28 May 1985
Graduated of Silva Mind Control (plus advanced course)

Silva Mind Control is an amazing course. I especially enjoyed the remote viewing, remote healing and extra powers for my mind.

28 February 1984
Met Benjamin Smith

Upon my return from around the world, I met with Ben for a design project to rebrand his real estate business. I did more design and marketing work for Benjamin than any other client. We started and ran Computer Billboards, Property Centre, REMAX, Professionals, Ray White, Brisbane Real Estate, The Art World, Australian Outdoor Advertising and numerous property developments over the years.

18 June 1983
First trip overseas

With Ros, my fiancee, we travel around the world in 80 days. We saw more cities than I can remember and broke up by the end of the trip.

18 June 1982
Youngest member of the Theosophical Society Brisbane

I enjoyed learning about Unity Church Missouri, Florence Scovel Shinn, Krishnamurti and other thought leaders in this area. The mostly older members thought my youthful enthusiasm was charming.

18 June 1981
My first home

Red Hill Property. This is in a time when mortgage rates were 18%. I managed to pay off the house inside 3 years, and renovate it, as my business really took off.

18 June 1980
First office

We were CUBIX design & graphics. Perhaps one of the first multidiscipline design offices in Brisbane. We had four partners, most with Architectural training, and graphic design skills.

28 May 1978
Graduated from Design Studies, University of Queensland

It took me 4 years as I had a break of 6 months working for engineers in Brisbane City- Kinnaird Hill de Rohan & Young (Kinhill). I then enrolled in Honours Year- and a Master of Design, but didn’t last the distance. Returned to Bach of Architecture and dropped out of the final year. Although topping my subjects, I left studies to work for Lund Hutton Ryan & Moreton Architects.