Team on a screen

Team on a Screen

Team on a screen

Welcome to the new normal- remote working, zoom meetings, and virtualisation. Lots of us are used to these tools and processes. Others will need a rapid upskilling and orientation on ‘Monday’ and other delegation tools.

What’s not normal is supervision by phone call, texting, email or video. For all of us used to management by walking around- it feels like staff are just slacking or doing their own thing.

Enter the idea of team on a screen. It’s not necessarily surveillance or mistrust, but it does satisfy some business owners requests for increased accountability. We’ve been commissioned to develop some simple technology for screen sharing and recording. In this way we can time stamp screen time, meetings and shared documents to better plot time on the job, even when staff are at home.

The system will also feature status colour coding, tasks in queue,  act as an automatic time recorder and offer stats on remote worker engagement and productivity.