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8 Ways towards Effective Branding

and Business Success

Branding, Websites and Marketing are one communication and are best handled by ONE agency. There is a synergy and a strength when the character, tone and messages of each one reflects the others. This is how we develop corporate credibility and a memorable brand. When we get all our ducks lining up… pointing in one direction we are doing our branding best.

Brands capture an archetype and will succeed to the extent that this archetype is well founded, coherent and consistent. The archetype needs to be appropriate for the identified target audience. Does the masculinity of the logo work at odds with the brands positioning as sensitive and accommodating?

Organisational alignment to a set of values is a necessity for a successful corporate culture, successful sales, and the long term value of the business. Value alignment may be the single most undervalued ingredient in the attraction and retention of customers and staff.

It’s by creating and expressing a USD (unique selling distinction) that companies will be visible over their competitors. People today are looking for reasons to deal with you over and above your competitors.


Word of Mouth advertising or referral is the best, and lowest cost endorsement a company can receive. Employ this word of mouth through member get member promotions, small rewards for referrals, pair up and save promotions and of course forums/sharing areas and blogs.

The value exchange needs to be in the favour of the customer for the customer to become a raving fan. Value for money, superior service and a surprise extra are all ingredients to this high energy positive customer experience.

Nothing is better than a video testimonial, with a side by side transcript, headed by a strong headline. Second best is an audio of a voice spoken testimonial. If your client testimonials are from someone a prospect knows, or has heard of, all the better.

Measurement (Nuvo Metrics) will create a pull marketing phenomenon to the supplier with the best value for money proposition. By measuring a beneficial difference in performance, reliability, support or service a company can create a powerful attraction mechanism. Sites such as Platimum Performers and Platinum Pledge measure these differences and effectively endorse organisations as better value.